Kindergarten Connection

 An Enrichment 
 Program for the 
 Kindergarten Child 
 and Academic Pre-K

Kindergarten Connection Philosophy & Goal

Our Philosophy

The philosophy at Kindergarten Connection stresses that a child’s environment should be stimulating, exciting, enjoyable and satisfying.  Kindergarten Connection believes in developing the best in each child and in nurturing a positive self-image in a creative learning environment.

Our Goal

It is Kindergarten Connection’s goal to provide appropriately challenging activities so that the chances of success are great.  The developmental potential of each child is reached through the use of a small group environment with a maximum teacher/student ratio of 1:6, as well as hands-on activities and the designed curriculum.

What People are Saying...

“Jennifer McRoberts puts her whole heart into her teaching at Kindergarten Connection.  Through her genius creativity and boundless enthusiasm, she prepares each and every student to achieve in a first grade classroom and beyond.”            

- Adalyn Schillaci 

Mother of four KC graduates   

“Our son was so prepared and he is so confident and doing so well in first grade. I talked with his first grade teacher and she told me that she can always tell which kids have been to KC. I feel like its the best thing we have done so far as parents.” 

- Jody Konow

“I am amazed at the educational benefits gained by students who have added KC to their kindergarten experience! KC graduates are skilled in Reading and Math and are confident learners who are prepared to enter first grade with tremendous success!”

- Cheryl Baker

Former First Grade Teacher Carmel Clay School

"Every now and then you meet someone who is doing what they were put on earth to do, who is passionate about their work, and who does it selflessly and with grace and love. Jennifer is one of those people. She and her staff are incredible and our girls will enter kindergarten as confident and curious learners thanks to them.
-Chris Dean
Mother of two Kindergarten Connection students

"We have been blessed to have 2 children attend Kindergarten Connection. An amazing program with equally amazing teachers and educators. I will equate the staff to being extended family who are such a special part of my children's early education. The skills learned and confidence built here have translated to a successful beginning of a school career.
-Danielle Adair
Mother of two Kindergarten Connection students

Kindergarten Connection is our absolute favorite! Jennifer McRoberts is amazing! The kids learn SO much and I don't even think they know it because they are having so much fun. They have fun, they learn and they are loved. There is nothing like it. All of our boys have or will go. I can't even begin to say enough wonderful things about it. Check it out if you have young kids!
-Caroline Shrieve
Mother of 4 Kindergarten Connection students

Best program out there! My girls learned so much and had fun every day! I would recommend this program to everyone. They make learning fun and the teachers are incredible!
-Amy Seven ING
Mother of  two former Kindergarten Students