Kindergarten Connection

 An Enrichment 
 Program for the 
 Kindergarten Child 
 and Academic Pre-K

About Kindergarten Connection

What is Kindergarten Connection?

  • Developed in 1997 by Jennifer McRoberts to meet the academic and social needs of each child.
  • Structured academic curriculum that is uniquely tailored to prepare each child for a smooth transition into the next level of education.
  • One teacher to every six students in each classroom to provide children with a small group environment that allows for one on one instruction.
  • Customized activities and lessons to meet each student’s personal academic needs.
  • Program designed to motivate and instill confidence, independence and pride in each learner.
  • Kindergarten Connection is an exciting and challenging program for all children to enjoy!
  • Enrichment class/Private kindergarten
    • 5 Day

Kindergarten Connection Director

Jennifer McRoberts

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education from  Butler University
  • Founded Kindergarten Connection in 1997
  • Developed curriculum for Kindergarten Connection
  • Former teacher for Carmel-Clay Schools
  • Current tutor for K-2 elementary children
  • References available upon request